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Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light…

on September 13, 2015

I’ve been meaning to do a 1st birthday post all about Diego’s big day…for the past 2 months! I love that his birthday is in the summer and not during the school year, because it allowed me to devote all of my time and energy into planning his party. Now, before I talk about all of the crazy things I feel like I need to preface this by saying that I understand how ridiculous some of these things might seem. I did spend way too much time and energy into this party…and it would’ve been just as fun if we had bought everything at the party store. But for those of you who don’t know me…well, I do this with everything. I love to spend hours on something knowing that other people are going to appreciate it and enjoy it. This past year has been one of the most exhausting and amazing years of our lives because of our little guy and we really wanted to celebrate that. So, yes…I know I am crazy, my husband knows I’m crazy and Diego will one day know that I am crazy when it comes to things like these. I also know that this is part of what makes me “me” and I am so blessed to have people in my life who truly appreciate it.

So, Diego turning one was a pretty big deal! We survived the first year of parenthood and our son seemed to be ok! We really wanted to capture that little twinkle he has in his eye when he smiles so big your heart just melts. I’ve always had an obsession with stars and never understood why…until the day that Diego was born. I had read this somewhere a quote about how when you look into your child’s eyes it’s like looking out into the universe and that just explained exactly why I have always loved stars. It’s like when I looked into Diego’s eyes for the first time I could see all the stars in the universe. And thus his theme of “twinkle, twinkle little star” was decided.

This is the twinkle I am talking about. Shines extra bright when he has a big goofy smile on his face:

Mardy iPhone June 2015 249

So after the theme was decided we went crazy into planning mode! We wanted to have a really baby friendly party and invite all of his Babymooon friends because they had been such a big part of Diego’s first year and Sere’s sanity. After working for months this is the result of Diego’s 1st birthday…

Mardy iPhone August 2015 024

Dear Diego,

   We want you to know that the reason why you are here in the first place is because Mama and Papa fell in love… we celebrated your first birthday with that same idea in mind. That we loved each other so much and when you were born our love just grew and grew even more. We had talked about you for years but never imagined that you would be so incredible. This past year has been the most amazing year of our lives and we want you to always remember that all you need is love… Love conquers all.

Photo Jun 17, 3 50 52 PM

We chose “twinkle twinkle little star” for your birthday because we see how bright you already shine. You have no idea how much happiness you have brought to this world. Your grandparents simply adore you and have shown so much love towards you this past year. Your aunts and uncles have also shown a side that we had never seen in them as siblings- you can see how all of their hearts are so full of love. We want you to remember to always reach for the stars and to dream big not matter how little you are!

In preparation for your big day we did all kinds of silly things. We really wanted to find matching outfits….but they seriously did not sell any good “star” shirts for Papa! He did not want to wear some silly shirt 😉 Mama spent hours making crafts and thinking about how much you had grown in just one year. As the day came closer and closer all she could think about was how amazing your birth was and how proud she was that you were born at Babymoon Inn. That was a big step for us as new parents- to not go the “traditional” route and go to a hospital. But to this day, that was the best choice we could have made. Something inside of us (our gut feeling) told us that you were meant to be born in a quite and relaxed environment and we made sure that happened. So with each minute that Mama worked on a craft she thought about all of the things that had happened during your first year. Your birth…your first bath…how helpful crazy grandma had been during those first couple of weeks (and continues to be)…how our doggies got freaked out every time you cried….the witching hour from 3-5 where you cried non-stop unless you were being bounced on the exercise ball…the time you pooped all over Mama and it got all over the changing table and the carpet…your first giggles… your play dates with your baby friends…swim classes…how crazy your Auntiroo was about you and how involved she was even though she was far away… the sweet cuddles during our nursing sessions.. your little toes that looked exactly like Papa’s…your first words (which was Mama btw)…oh so many memories!

Mardy iPhone August 2015 022

And the big day came! We had your party and Grandmama’s and Grandpapa’s house because it was big enough to fit all of your friends! We had a lot of people come and celebrate with you. It was on a Saturday on your actual birth day. Mama had to go for a walk with you in the morning at the time that you had been born 5:45 a.m. and take some deep breaths because she didn’t want to be crying the entire time during the party. You snuggled and looked at the rising sun with a big grin on your face. Almost as if you knew that it was your special day!

There were a lot of babies at your party! The best part was that you had been hanging out with them since you were a tiny little thing and it has been so much fun to watch you all grow together. You also spent the whole summer celebrating their birthdays as well- which was super fun! As you were all crawling all over the place, Mama could only think about your first time going to Inn Mommies when you were only 6 weeks and all of the babies just stayed on the carpet making new baby sounds. What a year of growth, that’s for sure!

Sere iPhone August 2015 044Sere iPhone August 2015 01711753286_10153446553638762_5336708665973248057_n

We had the photo back drop where we took a lot of pictures and not one had all the babies staying still enough! But it was fun to see all of you grab the stars that Mama had made and playing with all of the toys in the living room. Your cousins were also there and had fun writing little messages. Your guests also wrote little messages for your time capsule (some were really funny!) and signed a book for you. Don’t worry you’ll get to read all of your little messages on your 18th birthday 🙂 We also had a frame decorating station so that your friends could take a frame as a party favor (we have some pretty talented friends!)

Sere iPhone August 2015 014

For food we decided to start a birthday tradition for you and make beef empanadas from scratch…that was a lot of work! But totally worth it when we saw everybody eating them with such gusto! We really want to make these every year for your birthday and have you help us when you are old enough. Your Auntiroo and Evan helped with the fruit kebabs and your crazy grandma made some delicious salsa. You really enjoyed eating the empanadas- but you’ve enjoyed eating everything since 6 moths (except for tomatoes- just like papa).

Sere iPhone August 2015 015Sere iPhone August 2015 016

Now…the cake. Yes, it doesn’t look the prettiest but you really loved it! It was supposed to be a “healthier” version of a cake with organic ingredients and all of that good stuff. It was a banana bread type of cake. It was pretty dense but it was tasty. You really didn’t seem to mind:


Sere iPhone August 2015 179Sere iPhone August 2015 163Sere iPhone August 2015 168

Yep. You ate almost the entire star cake by yourself! The best part was that you really loved it when everybody sang happy birthday to you. Probably because Papa had been singing happy birthday to you for months before your party. You always clapped at the end too, so cute!

Sere iPhone August 2015 242

After cake we put you in the pool to finish cleaning you up 🙂 It was really hot but you have always loved the water so you had a great time! As you get older we will definitely be having a lot of water themed birthday parties. And that star swim suit was not bought specifically for your party- you already had it!

Sere iPhone August 2015 319

  After most of your friends left Grandpapa and you took a really good nap and when you woke up we opened your presents! You are so lucky to have so many people that love you. We had asked for donations for different “funds” and books so we didn’t end up with a house full of toys. You got so many books and a lot of people donated for your “outings” fund which meant that Mama and Papa took you to all kinds of places!

Mardy iPhone August 2015 026

As the night ended and we cleaned up the house, Mama took the last of her placenta pills to help with the emotions. She had saved these specifically for this day. We had made it sweet baby Diego!

              Sere iPhone August 2015 341Sere iPhone August 2015 322

Happy 1st birthday little star! You won’t remember your first year of life, but to us it has meant everything. We made a wish and you came true!

Love always,

Mama & Papa


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