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on July 10, 2016

July 2016 Canon Pics 117.JPGOur little guy is 2…well tomorrow morning he’ll be two. As he fell asleep tonight Sere couldn’t help but get all the feels (as usual) and cuddle him a little extra longer. No one ever explained that these feelings could come back for Diego’s 2nd birthday, we had thought it only happened when your first kid turned one. But alas, here we are wondering how it’s possible that time “flies by”. As MJ puts it in simplest terms we cannot believe that he’s becoming his own little person with a personality, like having favorites and stuff. It has been quite a year of growth (not really physical because he’s a little guy lol) for all of us. As you can tell we decided to go with the train theme because well, it’s his most favorite thing in the world right now. We think it’s super funny because apparently MJ really loved trains as a little kid 😉 So…here is our two year letter for you Diegs:

Dear baby Plata,

You think trains are the coolest thing in the world. You really love to put them together and make the “choo choo” sound as you move your little  hand up and down. Then you get this really goofy look and get this giddy laugh. We decided to have your birthday party on a Friday night this year because we had other birthday parties to go to during the weekend. We’re realizing that it might just be easier to throw one big party for you and all of your friends at once!

July 2016 Canon Pics 244.JPGSpeaking of your friends, here they are! Trying to get a picture of all of you together has been quite impossible lately. It has been the most amazing thing to watch you develop relationships with other people outside of your family. Although lately you’ve been acting a little crazy and we’re not really sure how we’re going to handle those “terrible twos” as people like to call them. But this past year you’ve learned how to walk, how to talk, how to play games (it’s hilarious watching you trying to play hide-n-seek) and you learned who people are. The really cool thing about you is that you really seem to understand how people work- you love to make connections with people at parties, the store, the park. It’s a joy watching you walk up to people and give them hugs (of course we are still working on making sure that they want a hug) and just showing your love. We are super excited to see how this part of you will play out as you get older. It’s also a little scary because we’re nervous this is the part of you that will break when someone doesn’t reciprocate the type of love you feel (which is bound to happen at some point).

July 2016 Canon Pics 277Which leads us to the next point…that we are realizing more and more that you are a highly sensitive kid. You feel things very deeply. You love deeply. You get so worried when babies cry. You pay attention to subtleties in your environment and pick up on all those little things. These are all wonderful qualities to your personality and mama will try to help you use them to your advantage. But boy, some times it makes things very challenging. When people you love have to go, you cry a lot. And we feel your sadness very deeply too. We’re all just a bunch of feeling deeply type of people. But that’s probably why mama wanted to work so hard to throw you a party. Because you noticed all the little things (even if that sounds ridiculous) and you really enjoyed the entire thing. It’s almost as if you really understood that people were at your house to celebrate with you and that made you super happy. So happy that you actually stayed up really late and wouldn’t go to bed!

For food we had your abuela make rice, beans, salsa, guacamole and bring carne asada. Yummm! All of your favorite things that she makes for you. We loved how carne asada had been your very first food that you tried- what a difference from that time!

July 2016 Canon Pics 111 Your grandpapa of course was thrilled to grill the meat. And yes, he brought his own train hat to celebrate with you.

Speaking of grandparents being awesome, we really don’t know how we could have survived your second year without them! Both grandmas absolutely adore you- and you know it! It’s so awesome to watch our parents really enjoy their time with you. As a kid we don’t really pay attention to how much parents enjoy certain things, but when we have kids and we get to see our parents do all these weird, silly things it’s super cool. They really love you and we are so blessed that they are close to us!

And we are super blessed to have people in our lives that help us as we figure the parenting gig. Seriously, it has been so helpful this past year to have other people that will tell you “no” when you really don’t want to listen to mama or papa. Or to have so many play dates where you get to figure things out. It has been so sweet to watch people grow close with you and get to know you. They all know that you will 1. find all the mops and brooms at their house and 2. give lots of hugs

We really enjoyed prepping everything for your party- and we have accepted that Mama just goes crazy with this stuff because this is how she deals with all the feelings that come up as you get older and because she’s on summer break and needs a creative outlet since she’s not teaching. It was so cool to see you come out to the yard and point to all the trains and get super excited. And then you wanted to eat a cupcake so you cried…and then you got super clingy and whinny…because you are a toddler. Nothing the ergo couldn’t fix though! We hope that as you get older you’ll still enjoy all of these little things. We were a little sad that not all of your family and friends could come celebrate with you- but we know that they all love you very much and would have really loved to have been there.

After we all had horchata cupcakes and paletas.  You played with all of your friends inside for a little bit as they started to head home. Then Tio Jose came over and gave you your gift- so cool! You stayed up until 11:00 playing with play-doh. You really enjoyed taking it out and putting it back in the “right” container. Over and over again. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of this more and more in the next few months!

This past year has been such a whirlwind of emotions with you Diego Castiel. On one hand we’ve been so excited to see how much you are learning but on the other hand it is crazy scary how fast you are learning all the things we wish you wouldn’t learn. It’s like when we finally get a chance to catch our breath you are already moving on to the next thing. One of the things we’ve noticed a lot in the past few weeks is how much you love music. You have no idea how this makes Papa feel. You should see the way his face lights up when you ask to play the piano or when you sing a song that he hasn’t really “taught” you. Or how Mama’s heart still melts when you call her “ma-ma” in a very sweet and loving way just because. We cannot wait to see what this third year will bring- we are getting ready for all the craziness but also for all the lovely moments that always seem to catch us by surprise. We wish you the best 2nd birthday Diego Castiel… thank you for making our lives so wonderful!

July 2016 Canon Pics 474.JPGAlso, you take your train pictures very seriously! No joke- it is impossible to make you smile when you are on “train mode”!


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