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Well I see trees of green and red roses too, I’ll watch them bloom for me and you

on July 18, 2016

Today is a special day. Sere’s Tia Alta is celebrating her 70th birthday. One of the main reasons why we decided to take a trip to Monterrey this summer (which we’ll have to do an entire post on that later) was to see her and so that Diego could meet her. If you do not know who this person is, it’s hard to explain why she is so special to all of us. In a nutshell she was always the person who was  your #1 cheerleader. No matter what. The thing is that now as she is getting older her mind is not what it used to be. So in honor of a very special person our blog post today will consist of lessons learned thank to her. Hopefully one day Diego will understand what it meant to have Tia Alta supporting Sere growing up.

#1 See people for who they really are and celebrate them

One of the many reasons why we all love her so much is because she really took time to get to know us. It’s an amazing thing really, that all of the cousins always felt the same love from her. She was our favorite aunt hands down but we never felt like she had a favorite (although Sere’s brother might argue that one *wink wink*) She was always the one adult that when you had something to say, an idea or a thought she always validated you and encouraged you to keep going. I’ll never forget when we moved to the United States and I decided to take a go at the violin. I really sounded horrible. But she wanted to hear me over the phone and share my excitement. She saw that I had found something that made me happy and that made her happy. She couldn’t stop telling me how wonderful I sounded (all lies I knew at the time) but to her it was my excitement for finding something I enjoyed that sounded wonderful. She saw me for me and celebrated it.

#2 Tell people you love them

I was pregnant with baby Diego and cleaning out all of the memories from my childhood when I came across an entire box of cards from her. Birthday cards, celebration cards, random cards just asking how my life was going. In every single card she mentioned how much she missed me and how much she loved me. Out of all the regrets I have at 29 my biggest one would have to be that I rarely wrote back. And last time I hugged her I’m not sure she really understood how much I meant when I told her  I love her. I always think in the back of my head how she would tell all of us how great we were no matter what. No matter how stressed out she was from work or how tired she was. It was never a “thing” and nothing ever got in the way of her telling us how special we were to her. I think about this as we raise Diego every single day.

#3 Patience building takes a lot of patience

It’s funny how people tell me how patient I am. And then I smile because people always told me how much I looked like my Tia Alta and realize that this gene must have been passed down through her. I am not even half as patient as she was with us and still I feel like this trait has helped me tremendously in finding my passion in teaching. It helps me tremendously in my every day life with Diego. And it was a trait that I looked for in a partner because I saw how much love can grow when there is patience.

#4 Find and voice all the beautiful things

She really must have taken the same exact pictures of the red rocks in Sedona every time she visited us. And she really must have said how wonderful Diego was a thousand times last time we saw her. The thing about my Tia Alta is that there could be a tornado tearing up a field of sunflowers and she’d always find the way they blew in the wind so beautiful and comment on that. In this world that seems to be so filled with negativity and horrible things happening I can’t help but wonder why we can’t be more like her. Why can’t we find all of those things that are beautiful and share them with one another? I can’t believe she used to take all 3 of us on vacations completely on her own. My brother would throw the biggest of fits and I would stand there wondering how she could be so patient with him and then she’d say something about how he’s doing something new and how wonderful it was. I always admired her patience.

#5 All you need is love…

Super cheesy, yes I know, but seriously. Out of everything that I’ve learned from her is that you just need to approach everything with love. How I would have loved to share so much more of my life with her when she could still remember everything to tell her how big of an impact her love had on my life. That when I have a situation where I’m struggling I simply need to imagine what she would do and take a step back. How would she respond to someone’s negativity? What wonderful thing could she say out of this horrible situation we are in? It was her unconditional love that really helped me understand how to connect with other people, whether I knew at the time as a child or not it really doesn’t matter. Because the lesson is learned and we can all pass these things down to our children and to the people that cross our paths in life.

It was an amazing thing how Diego said her name and made the connection that she was someone really important in our lives. I’d like to think that he also felt her love when her face lit up as she heard him saying her name. It warms my heart to know that on her 70th birthday she is surrounded with family who really loves her and will celebrate the wonderful person that she is.


¡Feliz cumpleaños Tia Alta!



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