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on October 8, 2016

Sere is on Fall Break and has one more day left…waaaahhh! Seriously, this week of much needed sleep and rest is exactly what we all needed. It’s funny because we had so many plans of all the cool things we would be doing and for some reason playing in the backyard sounded like more fun. We read somewhere that it’s because you are in a safe and comfortable environment that it makes you feel happier. Or something like that.

Well, Diego has been so much fun lately. It is amazing to see how much he is learning so quickly. He knows that the letter “M” is for mama and the letter “P” is for papa and the letter “D” is for ‘go-go’ as he likes to call himself.  Our favorite thing lately is hearing him “azul” when identifying his colors. He has a funny way of saying it that is super cute 😉 Our not so favorite part lately is when he gets mad and starts throwing all of his toys. We are working on teaching him how to efficiently show his frustration while still keeping everyone safe (mainly Sammy because poor dog always ends up getting the short end of the stick). So these past few months have been full of playing, exploring, spending time with friends and family, and watching the wheels on the bus (over and over again).

Lesson learned:

  1. When you have a dream you just have to go for it! It’s funny how passion really motivates people. Sere had an interview this week for the Arizona Educational Foundation Teacher of the Year. We normally don’t share these kinds of things with other people besides close friends and family because it makes her feel super weird and awkward and honestly just stressed out. But going into it she just felt “at peace”. Her passion for teaching Spanish and connecting with others was the complete focus that when she called MJ afterwards the only thing that she could say was “that was a lot of fun!” It also motivated her enough to want to update the teaching blog she started right before Diego was even in the picture. Haha. When passion drives your decisions and gives you a focus it helps you understand your role in a bigger world. She got a call that afternoon and we made it to the Top 5! We are saying “we” because it has definitely been a team effort, there is absolutely no way it can be done without the support of her family, friends and colleagues.  It’s kind of crazy how all of the anxiety goes away and the adrenaline rushes in when you are doing something that you  love.
  2. Which leads us to our next lesson learned: Our inner critical voices just need to be quiet. All of the excitement for this amazing opportunity brings about new and interesting things for Sere. And for MJ. And probably for Diego since he feels everything we feel. There comes a time however, when we all need to tell our own critical voice (you know, the one that tells us that there is no way you are going to win and that you are way under qualified for anything like that and omg what if you actually do get this, then you are going to really work hard, etc. etc. etc.) that it needs to stop talking because we aren’t going to listen. We sincerely hope that Diego learns this from an early age. That in order to go for your dreams you’ll need to understand yourself so well that you’ll know when you are getting in your own way. And overcome that in a healthy way.
  3. Which leads us to our final point…A hug can make anything feel better. For the first time ever we believe that Diego truly understood how he could help Sere feel better. She was crying (for all kinds of reasons) and when she explained to him that she felt sad and could really use a hug he gave her the most sincere hug ever. Then he offered her one of his favorite trains. That blew our minds, that our 2 year old son could really understand that someone else was sad and he could do something on his own. Granted, he threw a fit over something else a few minutes later, but that moment will stay with Sere for the rest of her life. Yes, we all get sad and cry and things don’t go the way we want them. In our personal lives, professional lives, in our relationships and in everything that we do. But a hug (and a Thomas train apparently) can make a huge difference in how we feel. I wish we could all be more like a two year old sometimes!

Since we are constantly uploading pictures of Facebook it’s kind of hard to pick the ones to upload here. So we won’t upload any this time, next time for sure! Ok, just kidding we’ll post one:


Thanks for reading!


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